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Vegan Copy Cat Big Mac

Something I think we’ve all missed. When I was vegetarian I would order the Big Mac no meat with tomatoes. This was 25 years ago and they would inevitably get it wrong every single time. It was like speaking a foreign language when you asked for no meat back then. […]

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Chickpea Eggs

This is a really lovely alternative to regular eggs, or even Just Egg. It is super simple to make and it doesn’t contain cholesterol. If you struggle with high cholesterol, adding alternatives like this into your diet instead of animal products can help. Did you know that only animal products […]

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Floydy Hot Pants Roll Up Lavash

First, if you don’t have access to Lavash, you can use pita. I got mine from the international store near by. Totally worth the trip! You can really use anything in this dish, but the combo of these ingredients are pretty perfect paired with Floydy Hot Pants.