Cauliflower Chickpea Soft Taco

These are so easy and delicious. Perfect if you’d prefer to skip the faux meats and have something with whole foods. I used collard greens for my greens because that’s what I had on hand, but any greens will do.

Vegan Copy Cat Big Mac

Something I think we’ve all missed. When I was vegetarian I would order the Big Mac no meat with tomatoes. This was 25 years ago and they would inevitably get it wrong every single time. It was like speaking a foreign language when you asked for no meat back then. […]

Floydy Hot Pants Roll Up Lavash

First, if you don’t have access to Lavash, you can use pita. I got mine from the international store near by. Totally worth the trip! You can really use anything in this dish, but the combo of these ingredients are pretty perfect paired with Floydy Hot Pants.

Vegan Ranch Macaroni

Vegan ranch macaroni. Can be made gluten free. This recipe makes a huge batch. You can do less pasta and use the left overs to dip your tortilla chips in because it’s just that good. This pairs oddly well with roasted radishes and those potatoes are out of this world!

Vegan Bacon Chicken Ranch Wrap

You’re not going to believe how good this wrap is. We used the Benevolent Bacon from Sweet Earth and Gardein Chickā€™n Scallopini, but I’m sure you could find gluten free options or make your own if you are so inclined! This recipe is super simple. I like to cut the […]