Cauliflower Chickpea Soft Taco

These are so easy and delicious. Perfect if you’d prefer to skip the faux meats and have something with whole foods. I used collard greens for my greens because that’s what I had on hand, but any greens will do.

Vegan Copy Cat Big Mac

Something I think we’ve all missed. When I was vegetarian I would order the Big Mac no meat with tomatoes. This was 25 years ago and they would inevitably get it wrong every single time. It was like speaking a foreign language when you asked for no meat back then. […]

Vegan Tofu Ranch & Spinach Wrap

Easy peasy. Plus the benefits of healthy protein from soy and nutrients from the greens. Those french fries dipped in the Floydy Pants Ranch are from Aldi. They are spicy and amazing.

Super Simple Green Chiles, Kale, & Bean Quesadilla

Easy and so tasty dipped in Floydy Pants Ranch. You could sub black or kidney beans for the refried beans and give them a little smash with the back of a fork. We’re working on a Floydy Hot Pants, and I’m thinking this recipe would work super well with it! […]

Vegan Crab Salad

I’ve been quarantined for the last 5 days and finally got my negative test today! Woohoo! Of course the first thing I did was make something to eat. My husband has been such a trooper serving me meals in my room, but I was excited to get back to the […]

Vegan Bacon Chicken Ranch Wrap

You’re not going to believe how good this wrap is. We used the Benevolent Bacon from Sweet Earth and Gardein Chickā€™n Scallopini, but I’m sure you could find gluten free options or make your own if you are so inclined! This recipe is super simple. I like to cut the […]