Chickpea Eggs

This is a really lovely alternative to regular eggs, or even Just Egg. It is super simple to make and it doesn’t contain cholesterol.

If you struggle with high cholesterol, adding alternatives like this into your diet instead of animal products can help. Did you know that only animal products contain cholesterol? Your liver also produces cholesterol, which your body needs in order to make cell membranes, hormones, and vitamin D.

Chickpea Eggs

Recipe by AmieCourse: BreakfastCuisine: Vegan


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  • Heat pan with oil
  • Meanwhile, mix warm water with chickpea flour. It should be pretty runny when mixed.
  • Add rest of ingredients and whisk together
  • Pour mixture into pan. Allow to cook for a few minutes on medium heat. Once mixture is cooked through a little bit like a pancake begin gently moving it around to separate. Allow to cook for another minute. Flip “eggs” and allow to cook on other side. Some areas may be brown and that’s just fine!
  • Continue to cook until mixture is separated, gently scrambling as it cooks. Don’t scramble as aggressively as regular eggs. It will turn turn kind of doughy at first. Continue to scrape pan and ‘scramble’ until fully cooked through. You may have to turn up the heat a notch to really get them to cook. This spatula is my very favorite to use for this type of application as well as for tofu.

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