Created with love by Amie Simmons–a former pediatric RN. Amie has been eating a vegan diet for the past 8 years and has been vegetarian since 1995. As a mom of two kiddos, one who is extremely picky and a ranch lover prior to going vegan, Amie was desperate to create a dressing that not only tastes amazing on salads, but would entice her picky kiddos to eat veggies.

So many vegan ranch dressings on the market just don’t hit the spot and Amie was tired of spending money on bottles of ranch her family would not finish.  Her kids love to dip their carrots in Floydy Pants Ranch. Amie also loves to dip her french fries, tater tots, and pizza in Floydy Pants Ranch, reminiscent of her college days at Mizzou where the only veg options in the dining hall were ranch and french fries for dinner. The life of a veg head in the 90s. Oh how things have thankfully changed!

We know you will love Floydy Pants Ranch. It is by far the best vegan (and non vegan) ranch we have tried. We know, because we have tried them all!

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Floydy Pants is committed to making incredible plant based food accessible to all. We believe that the world will be a more peaceful place as more plant based options are made available, and animals are no longer used to provide food. We will do all we can to be good stewards of the earth by using high quality ingredients, and low waste packaging. We know that as a kind diet becomes more mainstream, less energy and resources will be used to create our food, allowing more people to afford what used to be a novelty.