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Super Simple Green Chiles, Kale, & Bean Quesadilla

Easy and so tasty dipped in Floydy Pants Ranch. You could sub black or kidney beans for the refried beans and give them a little smash with the back of a fork. We’re working on a Floydy Hot Pants, and I’m thinking this recipe would work super well with it! […]

Stuffed Mushrooms

These are super easy and delicious! Marinate the mushrooms for about 10 minutes in soy sauce, veggie broth, or whatever sounds good to you. They go perfect on what my family lovingly calls our Friday Night Board. Pair with Crispy Fried Nuggets, a little folded cheese, ‘bacon’, and spinach sandwich, […]

Crispy Fried Nuggets

These are so good. Just make them. You will love them. For best results, drain your tofu, then freeze it. Thaw it out and drain it again. You refreeze at this point, or you can just go for it, because who really has time to freeze, refreeze, freeze, refreeze? Don’t […]